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I have been promising this for a while now but I lacked something very fundamental for this bot.


It is no secret that I am a UBot Studio Zealot and have been for a long time. So much so that I set out on a path back in version 3.x to see what I could automate outside of the UBot environment.

At my day job I used UBot to read a CSV file and I then perform some serious data entry using our vendors app. Unfortunately, I could not produce a video due to the nature of the data.

However, I did prove that I could do some level of automation.

So to share my experience with my fellow botters I created my Picasso bot. And based on the views and positive comments people appeared to like it.

Well, v4 of UBot Studio was released and I was sad to see that the nodes that I used for creating the Picasso bot were no longer available. :(

After soliciting (or rather begging) the bosses to bring the nodes back it appeared that I would have to wait and see if there was enough demand.

So during the beta testing of the MySQL enhancements I was thrilled to see the commands coming back.

So here is my Picasso bot version 2

Watch the video

So if you want the source code then go here Picasso Bot.

I hope you enjoy


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