UBotBuddys Massive Source Code Collection

by UBotBuddy

If you have never heard of UBotBuddy’s Source Code package then now is time for you to jump on board. 

This package originally started with over 200 bots and now we just passed the 400 mark with no end in sight for future additions being added.

Now the BAD NEWS, I am pretty much closing that site down as there are a couple of people in the UBot Forum (Black Hatters) that felt the need to make my source code free and directly impact my business.

ONLY for members of this website if you would like to get a copy of this package then I will give you a $20 coupon off the regular price $97. All you need to do is ask me.

You can find me in the UBot Forum as UBotBuddy…just PM me. I am also on Skype as buddy0502.

I apologize for this change in direction but the actions of a few are hurting the learning needs of the many.

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